Colonial Rd #100
Memphis,TN 38117


A Dentist Who Cares

Dr. Lale Adams, DDS provides full general dentistry services. Her mission is to provide the best dentistry in a friendly and comfortable environment. She is committed to improving and maintaining the health of her patients' teeth. She ensures her patients experience a safe, pain-free visit that alleviates stress and gives them that clean, healthy smile.

Dr. Adams maintains a strong personal relationship with her patients, making sure that they are given all of the information needed to improve the health of their teeth and gums. Friendly and sincere, Dr. Adams makes the extra effort necessary to keep the patient aware of where they stand and what they can do to improve their teeth.

Dr. Adams exudes a confidence and trustworthiness that lets her family, friends and patients know that she will always keep their best interests in mind. Down-to-earth, a great caregiver and nurturer, Lale chose the dentistry profession because of the hands-on experience it offers, allowing her to constantly interact with her patients and closely monitor their progress.